Heath Jones – Host

Heath is a former law enforcement officer who was also a long time metal detectorist in his spare time. Now that he isn’t chasing criminals, most of his free time now is dedicated to chasing and catching Civil War Relics.  Heath started metal detecting in the early 1990’s as a teenager when he found his grandfather’s old whites metal detector in the storage building. His first trip out with it was to the old home his mother had lived in as a child that burned when she was 13. He found wheat pennies and other items that she likely had as a child and still keeps those in a safe to this day. From that point on he would always own a detector of some type. In his adult life he continued to metal detect for coins mostly, but he was always fascinated by the American Civil War. When he left law enforcement his passion became a full blown obsession with finding hidden treasures. Due to the need to have the best equipment available he became a Treasure Mountain customer and purchased numerous machines. He felt like he always got the best deals from Ed Huffman and liked the personal service that he couldn’t get anywhere else.  When he was approached about becoming a representative, he was initially hesitant because he had never really sold anything in his life joking that the only sales experience he has was when he was an undercover narcotics cop. Once he took the opportunity he was given it was evident to everyone that he had found his new love and became the “go to guy” on social media for a detector. Most customers said he was one of the few sales people that would talk them out of buying if he knew the detector they had was just as good as they one they were looking at buying. This honest and up front approach paid off in long run because they realized he was not going to up-sell them. This is a value that we pride ourselves in at Treasure Mountain Detectors.

Heath is now the Co-Host on the longest running podcast about metal detecting on the internet, Relic Roundup, and is associated with American Digger Magazine. He is also the host of the History Seekers on Tuesday nights. As if Heath was not busy enough he also takes time to travel to various clubs and groups teaching members how they can effectively find more with their metal detector, he produces instructional videos on using GPS technology on old maps, makes custom programs/settings for metal detectors, and even runs a group for beginner metal detectorist.  Heath is an Official Team Member of the XP Deus Team USA that is officially sanctioned by XP Metal Detectors. He is also a work-a-holic but to hear him tell it, he does not consider it work because he loves it and lives for it. That may explain him having tried almost every machine that we offer.

His favorite coin finds are:

  • 1834 capped bust half dollar (found with a CTX3030)
  • 1856 $1 gold coin. (Found with the XP Deus)

His favorite civil war relic finds include:

  • 12lb confederate cannon ball (found with an AT Gold)
  • Extremely rare Cook and Brothers rifle nose cap (Found with the XP Deus)
  • Confederate Solid Cast I button (Found with the CTX3030)

His Favorite detectors:

  • XP Deus
  • Minelab GPX4800
  • Teknetics T2
  • Minelab CTX3030
  • Garrett AT PRO


Scott Duncan – Co Host

Scott smells funny and won’t send a bio for this page.








Brandon Lester – Technical Director

Brandon Lester is a fellow detectorist as well as a technology nerd.  He started metal detecting in roughly 2010 and having already been a history buff, he fell in love with the hobby.  Brandon is the webmaster of many websites, and is on the board of directors for his local Kayaking Organization, North Alabama Kayak Anglers, as well as the founder of North Alabama Metal Detecting.

Brandon has been working on computers shortly after he turned 12 years old and never looked back.  He’s worked in the technical sector of the Government as well as private companies.  If he’s not hanging out with his 2 kids, he’s either fishing, metal detecting or racing RC cars.


Eric Reed – Scheduling Manager

Eric is a career U.S. Air Force veteran that also focuses his operational mission execution expertise on metal detecting to seek and reawaken relics! Having purchased his first detector in the early 1980s (a classic blaze orange Radio Shack “Treasure Hunter”model) while living in New England, it wasn’t long until he found his first bit of history, a 1918 Standing Liberty quarter…and was bitten by the “bug”! Over the subsequent 30+ years kept Eric busy around the world in the military, occasionally with a chance to swing a coil over various soils. Now having settled in the relic hotbed of Virginia, he enjoys researching and exploring a diverse selection of detecting sites across the state. In addition to relic hunting, Eric also enjoys using his detecting skills to help folks recover lost items/jewelry. Eric’s current weapon of choice is the Garrett AT Pro. His favorite finds are an 1847 Braided Hair Liberty Large Cent, Confederate Infantryman’s “Script I” Coat and “Block I” Coat buttons, and a full set of Springfield musket barrel bands.


Ed Huffman – Guest Host

Ed Huffman is the owner of Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors. He is an Artifact Recovery Specialist specializing in historic areas, relics and shallow water hunting with years of experience. Ed has gained years of experience and knowledge while hunting for artifacts/relics and learning effective researching and hunting methods from his own hunts, expert Treasure Hunters and Archaeologists. He also has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga with a Concentration in Research Methodology and numerous Anthropology/Archaeology courses in his repertoire. Ed is a skilled Metal Detectorist with years of experience and extensive training with Metal Detectors. Ed is an Official Team Member of the XP Deus Team USA that is officially sanctioned by XP Metal Detectors. He doesn’t just hunt for lost treasure, artifacts and relics. He helps Museums, Government Organizations and Archaeologists recover Artifacts from protected sites. Ed has hunted and recovered artifacts/relics throughout the United States and hopes to recover artifacts throughout the world someday! The majority of his recovered artifacts/relics he has in his personal collection or has donated to Museums, Private Collectors and Businesses. Ed Huffman is also the owner of Artifact Recover and The Treasure Blog

Some of Ed’s Favorite Finds

1773 Virginia Halfpenny (found with an XP Deus)

1857 Flying Eagle One Cent (found with a Garrett AT Pro)

1857 West Indies Copper Cent (found with a CTX 3030)

Confederate “A” Artillery Button (found with a Garrett AT Gold)

Two 1773 Virginia HalfPennys (found with a Garrett AT MAX)

Some of Ed’s Favorite Metal Detectors

XP Deus

Minelab CTX 3030

Teknetics T2 LTD

Fisher F75 LTD

Garrett AT MAX