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Headphones: No
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We give you the option to customize your XP Deus II to fit YOUR needs. 

Today, XP is once more pushing the limits by creating, the first wireless, multi-frequency metal detector with unique features and performance. Once the coil, remote control, headphones, and optional pinpointer are paired, they communicate with each other wirelessly and without latency using the XP patented radio protocol system. This means that the target signals generated by the search coil are quickly transmitted to the headphones without any delay, giving the DEUS II unparalleled speed and accuracy. The DEUS 2 performs extremely well in all terrain and conditions, both on land and at sea, thanks to FMF (Fast Multi Frequency) technology. Waterproof to 20 meters. You also have multiple coil options and headphones to choose from.

Factory Included Items:
  • Deus II Remote
  • Remote Hipmount Case
  • Wireless Headphones choice - WS6, WSAII, WSAII-XL - with storage case
  • Your choice of 9, 11, 13 inch FMF Search Coil w/ Search Coil Cover
  • S-Telescopic Stem + lower stem
  • Arial Antenna to use underwater + clip
  • 1 gray cap on the remote | 1 red cap for diving
  • Power adaptor
  • Charging cable for three components and remote updates
  • Connection clamp

Don't use headphones? Save money by choosing the no headphone option! Or choose from our list of customizable headphones. Read more about headphone choices below:

WSAII Wireless Headphones:
Wireless headphones are fully rainproof, foldable, compact, lightweight, and compatible with the DEUS II. The WSA II is a sophisticated wireless headset. Manufactured in France by XP, especially for our detectors, it works with the DEUS II remote control or with the WS6 Master, i.e. when the WS6 is used as a control.


WSA II-XL Headphones

The most comfortable! The WSAIIXL wireless headphones are very comfortable and easy to carry with their compact design. Rainproof (IP68 1m or 3.2 feet deep), they are great for noisy environments, such as wind, bad weather, waves on the beach...


WS6 Headphones

The WS6 is not just a wireless headset. It can also control your detector! The WS6 is not just wireless audio headphones. Without the remote control, they can be a stand alone unit and connect with the coil for an extremely ergonomic and lightweight configuration. The WS6 Module can be unclipped and mounted on the stem to make the most of the control screen, the target display and all the settings. It is then ideally supplemented by the WSAII or WSAII-XL wireless headphones (coming soon).


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