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The Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector is an all-purpose metal detector built with upgraded features for the discriminating detectorist at an affordable price. The ACE 300 comes with five search modes to assist hobbyists to locate jewelry, coins, and also historic relics. The Digital ID system helps you determine what's buried below your feet before digging the target. 

 The ACE 300 metal detector transmits at an 8 kHz frequency which responds well to a wide range of targets including silver and historical relics. The ACE 300 has four iron discrimination segments to help avoid less desirable targets. 

Garrett is so sure that you will love this inexpensive metal detector that it is covered by a two-year limited warranty to help keep the purchase protected.

The ACE 300 is for sale. Buy the ACE 300 today — the Garrett ACE 300 is for sale and in stock!

Features of the ACE 300 Garrett:

  • Frequency: 8 kHz Frequency
  • Total Weight: Weighs in at 2.8 lbs 
  • Construction: Includes Camlocks for Sturdy Stem Construction
  • Audio: Provides Sharp & Responsive Audio with Pulse-Width Modulation
  • Push Button Controls: Resets to Factory or User Settings with One-Touch Controls
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: Coin Depth Indicator Determines a Target's Depth
  • Digital Target ID: Indicates the Properties of a Target with a Digital Target ID Scale Ranging from 0 to 99
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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